The EastWest Light tells the story of a day. The path of the sun, which rises every day in the East, climbs high in the South and disappears below the horizon in the West. The light is an abstract shaping of this cyclical process, which combines mood lighting with an interesting structural solution.

Thanks to the geometric construct, one curved form conforms to the other. The physical balance between the luminaire and the bottom part is created with thin cords. The bottom substantial block of high quality white concrete ensures stability. The top lightweight mobile curve, covered with polished brass sheets, hides the lighting fixture. The contrasting effect and the simultaneous harmony of the two dominant materials reflect a balance occurring in nature.

Its light is clearest in the upper position and the color temperature gradually changes as the lighting ball is rolling down. The white light gets warm if it is turned right and cold if left. The light of the lamp can be personalized depending on the actual mood of the user.