I found the inspiration for the Crater Armchair by the ocean’s coast from a split stone. The outside of the stone coverd by white limestone and along the break was black granite. The monolithic of the object, the difference but at the same time the harmonious coexistence of these materials influenced me at the beginning of the design process. The shape and the use of materials are both based on contrasting effects. This piece of furniture is formed by the cutting of a 75cm diameter cylinder. The organic and ergonomic design inside softens the geometric shape outside. The core of the armchair is made from solid cedarwood, this shape is surrounded by a “crust” of 2mm thick mirror polished steel sheet. This outer surface is glued by epoxy resin to the wood and protects the armchair from damage. The reflective metal on the furniture captures the surrounding space, it is different from all angles and makes for interesting visual effects. The body only makes contact with the inner wood in seating position, providing a comfortable seating place. The edges of the metal sheet are rounded so they do not harm the skin and other contacing objects. The sizeable seat is kept 5mm off the ground, standing on a silicone rubber sheet. The complementary and brave combination of materials, characteristic form and durability make the Crater Armchair a determining and qualitative example of interiors.