My goal was to rethink storage space and packing solutions into sideboards. I was experimenting with innovative ways to open the furniture and to load it. Meanwhile, I tried to design a useful, attractive and durable object.

The shape of the furniture is a compact body. An accordion door system divides into two parts. This arc-shaped negative space provides the user storage surface, allowing packing from both front and top of the sideboard. The upper and lower elements are connected only with three wooden rods so the top part looks like it is floating. The body of the furniture is covered with solid cedar wood, which is attached to a plywood grid stucture. The outer cedar panels are treated with the traditional Japanese charring technique, the Shou Sugi Ban, while the inner surfaces are covered with oiled cedar wood. Thanks to the two different arts of finishing of the same material, the exterior and interior of the furniture contrast.


The storage space is covered with an accordion door. Its flexible structure and material usage make it possible to bend and pull the door into two directions. This opening solution makes the Armadillo Sideboard easy to handle. The door is covered with black cowhide leather from outside and natural brown felt from inside, in both cases they harmonize with the color and texture of the wooden panels. The door is braced and connected to the metal rail, sunk in the wood structure by steel rods. Hidden magnets in the handles make the closure of the door wings gap-free.

Materials: charred cedar wood, oiled cedar wood, black cowhide leather, natural brown felt,
stainless steel
Dimensions: H 72,5cm x W 185cm x D 50cm